Firstly we must ascertain the meaning of praise.

Praise is the act of expressing commendation and admiration. To sing a persons praise, is to commend that person highly. Commendation implies worthiness. So to praise someone must mean that he or she is worthy to receive an expression of admiration for what they have achieved.

When, for example, you finish preaching, leading worship or even an achievement within the secular environment and it is a good job, you appreciate some commendation (expression of your worth) or credit for what you have achieved. If you have performed well then you are worthy of the applause, compliments and tributes. That I believe is praise, and we all receive some form of praise at some time, in fact we need it. The supportive wife needs praise for what she does and likewise the husband. When you present a bunch of flowers to your spouse your action speaks volumes and physically nourishes her esteem. Praise is a powerful thing. Our children need it, the pupil needs it, and the apprentice needs it.

Now when it comes to praise and God, it becomes something that is on a different level. The reason for this is related to the first question: "Why do you think it is important to worship and give praise to the Lord God?" The obvious answer is because of what he has done. But what has he done? He has done everything - he has created.


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