We don't just worship God in Church,

but our lives should exhibit beams of worship towards God at all times. We worship - we adore him because we acknowledge who he is. So our lives are to be a reflection of that fact. In our churches we must choose to worship him, we must choose to serve him and we must choose to bend the knee before him in recognition of who he is. Still our lives are to mirror this truth by serving him. Romans 12:1 shows us that we cannot take anything for granted but in light of the mercy of God we are encouraged to submit ourselves completely to God on a daily basis, for this is our spiritual act of worship.

Just as the husband and wife vow to honour each other with their bodies, so we must vow to honour God with our lives at all times. Worship never stops. You never stop being the husband or the wife. In the same way, you never stop being the worshiper.

Worship must be taken seriously, for not all worship is acceptable to God (Mark. 7:6-7; Psalm 51:16-17). God abhors lip service; worship to God must come from the heart. What does the 'heart' imply? Conviction, belief, desires. How does a person become a Christian? By believing with all of the heart. Then what? You do something. So God rejects worship which just pops out from the lips. He only accepts worship that stems from an irrevocable conviction of who and what God is, he is related to the true worshiper. We do not know what he is, but we know by the fact that he is God the creator, the one who is in complete control. Praise belongs to him. Honour? He owns it and we must be convinced of this and give him the praise and the honour and the glory that he and only he deserves.

Maybe we need to spend much time on this subject, for there is more in the bible about how not to worship than how to. It is not about how many songs we sing, the volume or ceremony but it is about the state of our heart. Not all worship is pleasing to God and this is an important fact to be remembered.

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